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Real improv.
Real nerds.
Sorry, not Sorry.


 Who Are We? 

Sorry, Not Sorry Improv started as a group of friends getting together to perform goofy, nerdy improv at the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival in 2011. We have since grown into an independent, not-for-profit theatre company with the goal of creating entertaining, emotionally engaging, and culturally relevant improv comedy.


We believe that improv is for everyone, and so we are working hard to find innovative ways to accommodate a greater range of accessibility needs at our shows and in our workshops.

Oh, and we're still really big nerds.


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Who Are We?
Upcoming Shows
Our Shows


A woman holds up a giant twenty-sided dice

yegDND is a high fantasy, improv show based on the mythology of Dungeons & Dragons. Featuring stage combat, improvised music, and giant 20-sided dice rolled by the audience, yegDND brings the famous tabletop roleplaying game to life in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Our Shows

A man in a business suit is punched in the face by a wrestler

The Prairie Improv Federation

Pro Improvisors from across the world come together once a month in the great city of Edmonton for the ultimate showdown. Larger than life, each of these Improvisors bring a unique sense of flair to the ring – whether they hail from the Planet Mars or somewhere a little closer to home.

With a rotating cast of noble heroes and dastardly villains, the Prairie Improv Federation brings heart, talent, and a whole lot laughs to every smackdown match!

A detective explains the scene of the crime

And Much Much More!

We're always coming up with new ideas for shows. From the wacky hijinks of Japanese anime to the James Bond inspired action-thriller, from Murder Mysteries to Magic: The Gathering, you are sure to find something to enjoy at our Saturday night shows!

Two drag kings get into an argument
A red hair woman in a fur coat and hat sneaks up on a sleeping woman
A group of people training to fight with longswords


Looking for one-of-a-kind entertainment for an event? Want to leverage your team's untapped creativity in a fun, engaging environment? 


We provide a range of services to meet your business or organizational needs including custom improv performances, event hosting, and improv workshops to build confidence, cooperation, and creativity. Get in touch to find out how we can help!

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