Agent Thunder - SKYFALL PARODY

Agent Thunder follows the world-saving, love-making, explosion-miming capers of the top spy from the secret intelligence agency known as The Service. Packed with tight action and first-rate improv, Michael Vetsch and Matt Ness have a licence to kill you with laughter - and they are both excellent marksmen. Agent Thunder was an hour-long improv show produced for the 2019 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival running from August 15-25, 2019.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of this track will go to Kid's Help Phone:

Lead Vocals by Matt Graham (Instagram: @themusicmatt)
Music by Brian Raine (Instagram: @brianewithpants)
Lyrics by Matt Ness (Instagram: @mr_mattoness), Michael Vetsch (Instagram: @vetschvest)


This is the one
He holds his fingers like a gun
Fighting evil on the run
Never stops until he’s won
For he has the skills
Defending justice is his will
The mission never fails to thrill
The odds are stacked against him, but still
Agent Thunder
Makes no blunders
Villains wonder
As they’re torn asunder
And this spy guy
Is always nearby
The bad guys cry
When they hear the sound of
Thunder’s Call
Thunder’s Call

Sorry, Not Sorry Productions is a not-for-profit improv company operating out of Edmonton, Alberta.  We perform comedy improv shows every Saturday night out of the Grindstone Theatre.

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