Our Improv Focuses On Stories

Sorry, Not Sorry Productions is a not-for-profit improv theatre company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Each time we set foot on the stage, we seek to discover stories with each other and with our audience. We dive into our characters, fleshing out their beings beyond the edges of the stage, uncovering their relationships, their foibles and their follies - together as a family.


With our improv, we aim to tap into something real - and very often, something funny!

“The improvisor who does not tell stories is chained to the treadmill of always needing a ‘better’ joke.”


- Keith Johnstone, Impro for Storytellers

Sorry, Not Sorry Productions is a not-for-profit improv company operating out of Edmonton, Alberta.  We perform comedy improv shows every Saturday night out of the Grindstone Theatre.

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