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All the King's Men: Mansplaining with Drag Kings @ The Grindstone - June 4 2022

Updated: May 24, 2022

Have a question about your love life? Want to know a bit about Pride etiquette? Or maybe you just need to know the opinions of a group of young men? Well, you're in luck because Edmonton's favourite drag king advice show is back at it again, answering your questions and spitting truths about life, the universe, and the best jockstrap brands. Join us for a heaping dose of masculinity and wisdom at All the King's Men: Mansplaining with Drag Kings!

The original bad advice bro Marq Tweyne will be joined on this month's show by badboy-sadboy Cole B. Cumming, gymrat and enter-preneur Rock "The Glock" Harding, the zany industrialist Tyler Pocock, and newcomer Greg "The Stag" Stallion.

Come and get your pride on with your boys!


Shanni Pinkerton as Marq Tweyne Corina Dransutavicius as Rock "The Glock" Harding Sami Silver as Cole B. Cumming Susan Evans as Tyler Pocock Grace Lawrence as Greg "The Stag" Stallion

Accompaniment by Katrina Ying as Austin Oto. Poster design by Michael Vetsch.

Buy tickets through Showpass below or at the Grindstone Box office.

$12 for students and seniors, $15 for everyone else!

Saturday June 4 7 PM show, 6:45 PM doors. Grindstone Theatre at 10019 81 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Note that the show may contain the following: Flashing lights, sound effects, live musical accompaniment. This show may contain violence, crude language and mature themes; 14+, parental discretion advised.

If you have any concerns before, during, or after the performance, please let us know at or talk to any member of the production team.

All the King's Men: Mansplaining with Drag Kings is produced by Sorry, Not Sorry Productions, an Edmonton-based improv troupe that aims to discover stories through the art of improvisational theatre. Come laugh with us!

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