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yegDND at the 2022 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

yegDND returns to the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival this August 11 through August 22, 2022!

yegDND is an improvised fantasy adventure based on the rules and mythology of the popular tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. yegDND has been a part of the Edmonton Fringe since 2012; critics have called the show “a solid hour of fun in a magical, medieval world” (Edmonton Journal, 2021) and “finely polished to a nerdy sheen” (Vue Weekly, 2018).

At yegDND shows, the audience participates by rolling giant 20-sided dice to determine the fates of our adventurers. When those rolls fail and swords are drawn or magic is readied, our talented cast perform combat encounters with exciting, improvised (but safely executed) stage fights. This combination of giant dice, swashbuckling action, and hilarious improv has made a yegDND a popular and beloved staple of the Fringe for so long.

yegDND: Destination Fringe! follows three new adventurers through an undiscovered world… undiscovered because we haven't made it up yet! Glenna Schowalter plays Audacity, a Tiefling Fighter who is out exploring the world in an attempt to live up to the legacy of her renowned adventuring family. Matt Ness plays Petor Landcaster, a human bard with a song in his heart, stories to tell, and plenty of masiculine bravado. Rounding out the party is Grace Lawrence who plays the affable Dwarf Sorcerer named Belwyn Ungardt who seeks to bring honour to her dwarven clan, just so long as she can learn how to control her newfound magic powers.

These heroes are led by their stalwart Dungeon Master Sami Silver, who is returning to the role after a sold-out run of yegDND at the 2021 Fringe. She is supported by the rest of the SNS players who help her populate the world with townsfolk, monsters, thieves, nobility, animals, and everything else that the party will encounter. yegDND is directed by Liam Creswick, with support from the SNS Artistic Director Corina Dransutavicius.

yegDND takes place at La Cite Auditorium on 8627 91st Street (Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury). As always, the last show on Sunday August 21 is a special 2 hour finale!

Tickets: $13 Regular, $10 Student/Senior (excluding GST, additional Fringe fees)

Shows Times:

Thu Aug 11th 9:45 pm

Fri Aug 12th 7:00 pm

Sat Aug 13th 10:30 pm

Tue Aug 16th 8:45 pm

Wed Aug 17th 3:30 pm

Thu Aug 18th 12:00 pm

Fri Aug 19th Aug 12:00 pm

Sat Aug 20th 1:45 pm

Sun Aug 21st 5:15 pm (2 hours!)

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