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yegDND LIVESTREAM - May 24, 2022

Updated: May 24, 2022

Live in your homes and hearts, Sorry Not Sorry is thrilled to present yegDND in a special streamed performance on YouTube. No charge, no tickets, just adventure and laughs. Roll with us on Tuesday May 24 at 8 PM.

yegDND is an epic improvised fantasy adventure based on the rules and mythology of Dungeons & Dragons. Everything is completely made up on the spot, including when we roll giant 20-sided dice to determine the fates of our adventurers. Featuring a dungeon master, heroes, monsters, music, and combat, yegDND brings tabletop roleplaying to life in a way you've never seen before!

Featuring Laena Anderson and Matt Ness as our adventurers... or PCs as the cool kids call ‘em.

With Shanni Pinkerton as your Dungeon Master and NPCs Grace Lawrence, Angela J., and Jared Leeder!

Accompaniment by Katrina Ying. Direction, lights and sound by Liam Creswick. Live stream technician Corina Dransutavicius.

Tuesday May 24 at 8 PM.

yegDND is produced by Sorry, Not Sorry Productions, an Edmonton-based improv troupe that aims to discover stories through the art of improvisational theatre. Come laugh with us!

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